First, make sure that you are in the Wi-Fi coverage area on the map below.

An image of the Lincoln University campus with all of the buildings between Calder Drive, Ellesmere Junction Road, Spring Road, and South Drive highlighted

Check that you're in the correct time zone, date and time
The map and clock information screen from the computer settings menu A map of the world used to select a timezone
Make sure your physical network cable is connected (for wired connection) or your Wi-Fi is ON, and Airplane Mode is OFF (for a Wi-Fi connection)
Connection information on a Windows computer with airplane mode highlighted Apple menu used to check Wi-Fi connection
Restart your device if shows unable to connect to Wi-Fi, most of the time, it will solve the issue
Computer power menu with Restart highlighted Computer power menu with Restart highlighted
Check the address and DNS assigned to your device
The IP address can help IT understand and diagnose the issue with your device, make sure you are assigned with IP address starting with 10. 


  • Windows 

    • In Windows, it requires a command prompt. Search for "CMD" using Windows search 
    • Check to get the Command-Line. In the resulting pop-up box, type "IPCONFIG" then enter

The Windows Command Prompt with the IPv4 address highlighted


  • MAC

    • Go to the System Preferences, select Network, and it should be right there. 

The Apple Command Prompt with the IPv4 address highlighted

  • IOS device(iPhones/ iPads)

    •  On an iOS/iPadOS, go into Settings > Wi-Fi, and click the "i" in a circle next to the network you're on. The IP address, subnet, and router (gateway) will all be there under both an IPv4 and IPv6 section, as seen below. 

Showing the location of the i to click to view the IP address on an Apple computer

  • Android Device 

    •  Go to Setting and select Wi-Fi, press the Connected network to find out the IP address. 

Showing where to click to view the IP address on an Windows computer

MAC users - Reset MacBook network settings

If you are not able to connect to eduroam, securecampus or opencampus Wi-Fi on your MacBook. You need to reset your MacBook network settings.

How to Reset Mac Network Settings instructions.