Internet is available to all staff, students, and visitors.
  • LUNet: For staff on LU devices 
  • EduRoam: For staff and students using LU or personal devices (this includes students in the Halls of Residence) 
  • OpenCampus: For visitors 
Computer displayed network information showing LUNet, OpenCampus, and eduroam as options
Lincoln Devices (Laptops)
  • For all Lincoln laptops with an MB number, please select LUNet as your network 
  • No username or password is required. This connection will allow you to connect to network drives without using a VPN. Please be patient as it may take a couple of minutes before it connects.  
Connection information showing LUNet with Connect automatically ticked


Non-Lincoln Devices (Staff or Students)

Connect to EduRoam as your network.



Username: Your Lincoln e-mail address or username
Password: Your domain password 

Android Devices 11 & 12

EAP Method: PEAP
Identity: Your Lincoln e-mail address or username
Password: Your domain password
CA Certificate: Use System Certificates
Online certificate status: Don’t validate
Domain: lincoln.ac.nz
Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
and connect.


Username: Your Lincoln e-mail address or username
Password: Your domain password
Click Trust on certificate prompt and connect.

  • Please note: 
    • Passwords are case-sensitive.
    • For visiting tertiary users and participating institutions this is the recommended WiFi network offering a secure Wireless connection to the internet.

      Your username and password for your online identity are provided to you by your home institution where you are enrolled in study or are employed.

 The Android settings for connecting to Eduroam as described in the text of this step.


Non-Lincoln Devices (Campus Visitors)


  • For Visitors (people without a Lincoln email address or username), please connect to OpenCampus 
Text reading OpenCampus next to a full internet signal icon    
  • OpenCampus doesn’t require a username or password, but registration with a cellphone is required.  
  •  Enter your mobile phone number in the top field and click the Get Password box.
  • A 4-digit code will be sent to you by text message. Press the Login button to register 
  • Enter the code into the password field and log in. Once logged in, you won’t need to re-authenticate for the next few months. The same code can be used if you do


Having trouble connecting? View our troubleshooting information.

Connection tips