You are prompted to set up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) when you first log into your email at  

You will need a mobile phone to set up an authenticator app to verify your identity. We recommend this option over using text or calling as a verification method in case you change phone numbers or require access to our services from overseas.

MFA exists to ensure that when you’re working off campus, you, and your Lincoln account, are still secure. If you have low mobile phone reception at home, we suggest using an authenticator app. If you only ever sign in on campus, then MFA will not come up for you.

Set up MFA

Go to Office 365.


On the login screen, enter your Lincoln email address and password.


When prompted, add the additional information required to set up MFA.

For more information on how to get and set up the Microsoft Authenticator App, please go here

We recommend immediately changing your password once MFA has been setup. Please see here